Homemade Electric Car – How to Get Started with a DIY Electric

Homemade Electric Car Get Started With A DIY Electric Vehicle

Homemade Electric Car – How to Get Started with a DIY Electric … Most car owners have a very positive impression of a pure electric car (PEC). For the time being, a brand new electric vehicle (EV) from the manufacturer is still quite expensive.

As an alternative, we can build an electric vehicle (EV) by converting a gasoline driven car to run on electricity. If you need a car to drive long distances to work, an EV may not be right for you. The actual mileage will depend on the weight of the car, motor power rating, charging state of the batteries and also the driving condition. To determine your current driving mileage is quite simple, just look at your odometer. Now that you know your daily driving needs, the next step is to prepare for your EV conversion project. Car alternator,replace electro-magnetic armeture coil with a permenet magnet from a speaker and you have free electric. As for mounting, how about in a box mounted behind the rear bumper, attached to the bar that would normally support a tow bar?
You brought up a very good point there Brendan. Love your article, thank you for writing this. The Chevy Volt is, of course, a range-extended electric as Brendan describes. Some expert predict that the world oil production will peak as early as 2020. Electic cars are not there yet, but at least there are some coming to market. I need people with skills and talent so we can build an army willing to help change the future and put an end to burning oil. This will be a new company by the way. I think being new to this that I have a lot to learn. I am waiting for my gas engine in my 01 dodge to quit and this car will be the thing to convert.. I built a cooler scooter that is 5 ft long and can handle a rider up to 8 mph .. I have heard of hooking a car alternator up to your electric motor to recharge the batteries as you go. It would need at least a 100 mile range and 70 mph capability as I drive 60 miles round trip per day for work. Motors are expensive since have magnets. An old VW Beetle Bug is generally inexpensive.

There’s more storage space behind the driver’s seat. Generally, an old VW Bug weight less than 1800 lbs. Less weight means less inertia therefore less power needed to propel the car. Because of its great engineering, it is relatively easy to remove the internal combustion engine (ICE). Some other cars might require a lot more time and effort. Since there are so many old Volkswagen Beetles around, sourcing for spare parts would not be a problem. The manual will show you the science behind an electric car conversion project. This is very good information. The car has got its own style and unique shape and apart from that exterior, there are lots of interior and mechanical features. With the stylish look there is also the option of five engines with the car. The options are the 75bhp 1. 4-litre, the 102bhp 1. 6-litre, that 2. 0-litre 115bhp unit, the 150bhp 1. 8-litre Turbo and even the richer option of 105bhp 1. 9TDI diesel. The canadan company is selling a convershion kit @ almost 10,000 dollars and that does not include battaries.