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Hyundais Flying Car, Manned Hexadecagon.
Finally A Flying Car.

Displaying 16> Images For Future Flying Cars 2015… Electric helicopters are much more than toys. Zero is a tilt-rotor that can take off and hover like a helicopter, then rotate the rotor blades by 90 degrees for cruising flight, with lift provided by the wings. After years of secretive development—the first unmanned test flight was in 2011—Project Zero’s creators revealed it on March 4. The diminutive craft has proven highly effective at stealthy scout missions, even in wind and rain. When it approaches the end of its 20-minute flight time, it can automatically return to its start point. While normal helicopters require bulky and expensive pitch control assemblies to steer, the Volocopter changes direction simply by changing the relative speeds of the rotors. To use the quadcopter, the operator puts the package on a base station (which is also a solar recharger) and pushes a button. Making the system affordable is challenging but achievable, says CEO Andreas Raptopoulos. Cheap electronics and crowd-sourcing will push evolution into overdrive—expect new developments fast. Not many police departments can afford a manned helicopter, but small quadcopters are another matter. It can be stored in the trunk of a car and be ready for action in 5 minutes. At present, small quadcopters are mainly used as camera platforms, but they are capable of much more. Mobil terbang dimasa depan sepertinya tak hanya khayalan di film saja, sebentar lagi nyata. Adalah pabrikan Korea, Hyundai yang coba untuk membuat sebuah mobil terbang.
Tidak seperti pesawat yang harus piunya landasan untuk terbang dan mendarat. Itu karena terdapat empat baling-baling yang dikontrol secara elektronik. Mobil ini hanya bisa menampung satu orang, yang ditempatkan di bagian tengah, dengan bodi sebagaimana halnya mobil, dengan atap terbuka. Untuk saat ini, memang baru sebatas prototipe yang dibuat para insinyur Hyundai, yang sengaja dikembangkan untuk mengikuti festival IDEA.

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The Hyundi concept car shown in South Korea doesn’t have a name yet — & I have a feeling it probably won’t, at least not in this iteration.As PopSci’s Colin Lecher pointed out, “car” is a loose term here since it works more like a drone.The engineers put a crash test dummy in the cockpit while an engineer wearing a red cape controlled the hovering electric vehicle remotely.Like I said, it’s clearly just a concept.
It would need a heck of a big car park too.

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Hyundai Demos Manned Flying Car At IDEA Festival – You might have seen the world’s first high-speed amphibious vehicle, named Quadski, that can run on land as well as on water.This time, South Korean car maker Hyundai has showcased a futuristic concept car that can hover above old-fashioned cars and this concept may encourage car makers to build flying cars for future.

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