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Redneck Car Rim BBQ.

redneckbbq featured Cut off matching rectangles on the backside of each wheel so that when you join them together it creates a hole where you can put your logs or charcoal. Clearly you’re ready to modify further and slay more tires than the rest. They look good, what will you sell them for?
I like the two car rim one too. The two rim unit could easily be made into one. Use two old car wheels to make these awesome fire pit. Most of you probably have bought grill but those of you who want to create something unusual should try this idea. You can connect two wheels to create a simple version of the stove or use just one wheel and get a grill. Do you know any other neat idea of creating unusual fire pit?
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Put it on it’s side and kick it around the yard a bit. Finished reassembling a total basket case 1951 F2 pickup. Okay, this ain’t cast iron, still. Beta-testers wanted for new FHC Android App. Maybe off of a semi?

Or cob or raku clay mix.. Yeah, Im thinking my giant corn boiler on top of that . If anything , it might be good for preheating the water up to boiling temp in my mega corn boiler just to save on the pane. Why buy an expensive barbecue grill, when you can make one from junk materials?
You might even acquire welding skills with this project. This is the best site I’ve come across so far. Brilliant and thanks – really useful tool. Just spent the last half an hour of my life in love with your page.

I love, love the pallet ideas. I love your site so much. When I feel like looking at something beautiful, I know I can depend on your site.

Wow and did I mention Wow. I love, love, love the garden path ideas. Geez it going to take me ages to get through all these fascinating and quirky pictures and posts. Thankyou to the people in charge of this page.

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Tire rim fire place

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DIY tire rim outdoor fireplace.

Wheel rim fire pit

Fire pit made from tire rims welded together.Love this idea.