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Funny Car License Plate Frames.

Funny License Plate for Other Drivers The car you drive usually reflects your personality. Among all sorts of customizations and modifications you can do to a car, one very inexpensive thing you can modify is a pair of funny car license plate frames. Laughter is the best medicine.

This license plate frame is made in the US according to standard US and Canada license plate frame size.

Do you always drive a fast car?
This license plate is great for those who owned supercars. You can put any words you want on the license plate frame either on the top, bottom or both. Standard US and Canada License plate frame.

I only have one screw holding the frame to the housing on my Jeep Jk, I put the other screw in under the frame, as holding my license plate on is a higher priority than the frame.

Congratulations for wasting all that effort, energy and fuel.