Camouflaging a vehicle.Need help.

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Camouflaging a vehicle.Need help. The camo would fit the uses of the truck, but I am not sure about doing it. Not the style camo your looking for, but a camo truck none the less. I like the looks of the digital camo on that truck though. Mine will be considered camo after December 21, 2012. I had gotten past wanting to build a standard cab short bed f250 untill I saw this damn thing, good looking truck. As for the camo, there is a red f150 running around here with the wrap. BTW this MRAP takes the cake for a camo truck. I’ve been thinking of doing my tuck in multicam using plastidip. Okay, My buddy bought a old beater cavalier for 700 bucks to drive to and from work for money saving purposes. It looks really boring, so I am going to help him do some kind of camo pattern. If so I dont think that would be too feasible, but I am not saying that it wouldn’t work. Now that is bad ass. Drive it into a haystack. But it looks like a camo lego orgy to me.

Near H & H guns in OKC. How about like the ones in Generation Kill?
I have seen a number of pics of vehicles in this pattern. That’s a pretty cool camo. Now park it in the woods. Somewhere I have a few pics of them. The size of the shapes were around five inches to ten inches. That is the most awesome camo pattern I have ever seen. I would like a whole set to wear.