not my truck, just an old pic I had laying around
not my truck, just an old pic I had laying around If someone would like to buy me a present for the holidays, this is the only thing on my wish list. I think I have mastered the faux toffee recipe I mentioned the other day. Using the internet to source a recipe can be problematic. My first attempt used one of these recipes from cooks. com, suggested the butter/brown sugar be boiled for only three mins and baked for five.

While not inedible, not the ideal result. Both resembled the recipe I was looking for, though I still would bet money this recipe originated on the back of a box of Saltines and both recipes were in agreement about the heating of the sugars 5 and 5. Boil butter and brown sugar on stove top 5 minutes. Personally I only make a half recipe in a pan half the size in an oven half the size of normal. I snap phone pictures infrequently, usually when I leave my camera in the truck. Yesterday was probably the first Thanksgiving I have truly enjoyed.. I dunno what they are but I want more.

Knowing George as I do, I suspect he just found a house with better food and fewer cats. White fabrics acquire a slight color cast after use (usually grey or yellow), because they can never be cleaned perfectly.