That we actually have had to make rules regarding parked Bugs/PT

Slug Bugs And PT Cruisers.

That we actually have had to make rules regarding parked Bugs/PT … My Response to the Investigation of Dr. Did you ever play the slug bug game as a kid?
Chris and I both played this growing up. A couple of weeks later my sister and her family were up here in Prescott and her kids told us that they played that game too, but they also look for PT Cruisers. As we were out and about town that day, my nephew Ben saw a slug bug called it out and leaned over and slugged Hailey in the arm. You can imagine the screaming that ensued.
Usually people give a little slug when they spot the car. Skylar is so funny when we play this game.

She is so proud of herself when she spots one.

But like most families, sibling rivalry runs deep in the Coryell family and if Hailey is with us she is quick to tell Skylar that mom or dad already called it. She specifies if it is a new or old-fashioned slug bug.
You are SO good at this. Some people might think our game and the love we have for it is silly. Well, actually, we used to play. Now, only Kurt and I play when the girls are not in the car. Our sanity was really being tested by the incessant bickering.
We love this game, too. For instance, a red one could be a cherry tomato, green could be a lime or kiwi, a white one might be a marshmallow, or my favorite, a white convertible would be a chocolate-dipped marshmallow. We also learned about Beep-beep Jeep. This is major ranking factor nowadays. Thanks so much for including me.

Memory Lane.
momma Sybil’s first car she ever bought on her own.
I remember riding in the back of it.

Classic VW Bug Convertible (Red, of course.) – my Total Dream Car

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