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Posted on February 24, 2012 by AirChe Can we tell this person is obsessive?
Only possibility of Obama leaving office would be by way of Revolution in which all politicians are arrested and incarcerated for their crimes against humanity. Well swallow this then, you are a fucking loser. Not only do I practice religious tolerance, I even tolerate random people screaming at me for no reason. Get out of American politics, Canadian. Good thing Dana has a little pony boy to come to her aid.
I came into the conversation because Dana feels that an adult exposing themselves to children in her perversion is the same as having a nude woman in very artistic form on the hood of a car. As far as politics, everything your disastrous country does affects the beautiful country of Canada so I have just as much say as anyone and the possibility of a mormon mind in your white house is nothing but a insult to the progress of Science and reason. The person that drives the obama art car.( Jessica Melder Maybe to adult but too a child it just looks like a naked chick on a car. There is nothing wrong with letting a child see a naked body. Jessica Melder Of course u are gonna stop now, after you make assumptions about my background and my openmindedness. It said I would be pissed.
Jessica Melder Can u read??

And there u go again, spitting more insults. If u were so mature you would admit that u might have said something that was offensive.

Jessica Medler Now go away. Dana Turnbough I surely did not say anything offensive.

Well, I did just then. That last one is a car in a parking lot in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. I cant believe what my eyes are seeing. Human, what have you done?
Dog Noses that look like Angry Aliens. Depends on your point of view. I would so be one of those people if I ever get to see the leaning tower of pisa. Super Husky to the rescue.

Dad Fails – or maybe this is Devin. This has happened to me so many times before.

Kind of a good idea and yet so messy. Oh the ideas for this one.

Texting with Lingo the Clown. Lingo the Clown teaching life lessons?
I am laughing way too hard at this. Sorry for some language, but this is just too funny. I think the band room should be safe.

Best facial expressions in the Harry Potter movies. Lol, so funny and mean. The little boy is saving his little sister. If the ball goes into the bin, the team who owns that bin has to drink and that bin is removed from play. Datemate and house spouse are my favorites. I laughed so hard at this. I am laughing so hard right now. Band humor yes – too funny. A police officer arrests a man dressed as Peter Pan. Disney movies and Disney Amusement Parks rate as one of the best deceptions.

Funny Car Tattoo gangster Winnie the Pooh

I cant believe what my eyes are seeing.

Ahahaha Disney Things | tattoos picture car tattoos

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funny bear quotes Car Tuning

Goo pooh bear. Not my choice of car art.but it works.