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Toyota Aygo Crazy Concept High Resolution Image (1 of 12) To cope with the greater engine performance, a custom cooling system has been designed with a huge front-mounted aluminum radiator. Enthusiasts have complained for years that Toyota isn’t serious about building affordable sports cars any more. The latest super-powered model to hit the scene is the Aygo Crazy. The first change was the engine.

I’d pimp another 2,000 lb turbo’d coupe.. I’ll be getting a place with my gf next year around this time, if not sooner (hopefully). We’ll start off with one of the most recent mid-engined hatchbacks, the Volkswagen GTI W12 650 concept. And while it was purely a concept car, the GTI W12 actually ran, and ran fast. Rally cars may seem like powerful beasts today, but today’s WRC and S2000 machines pale in comparison to the rally equipment of the 70’s and 80’s. But between 1982 and 1984, a whole slew of mid-engined hatchbacks were made by a variety of automakers’ racing departments. What you see above, however, is the Metro 6R4. Nobody does hot hatches like Renault, and the French automaker’s sport division has cranked out their fair share of mid-engined monsters. Like most of the others in this compilation, the Clio V6 started as a fairly ordinary budget hatchback, but from there all bets were off. The 3-liter V6 drove 252hp to the rear wheels, which propelled the Clio V6 to sixty in 5. 9 seconds. While most of the crazy hatchbacks on this list were converted from ordinary hatchbacks into exotic supercars, our fourth entry went the other way. Sbarro started with a Ferrari 308 GTB, with a shortened frame and custom bodywork. As far as budget hatchbacks go, the Kia-built Ford Festiva was about as ordinary as they came.

The car could hit 60 in 4. 6 seconds, cover the quarter mile in 12. 9 and reach 1g of lateral acceleration. Jay Leno owns the silver one, and it just so happens that it’s the car he drove to work the day he replaced Johnny Carson. We were on hand when Renault pulled the sheet off this concept car at this year’s Paris auto salon, and it has presence to spare.

This past summer, Toyota proved that the mid-engined hatch was still alive and well with the Aygo Crazy. Our penultimate entry pushes the boundaries of even this extreme sub-segment. And instead of moving the front engine on the standard model to the back, MTM opted to supplement it with a second engine.

Van, Wagon, Convertible: It’s long roof or no roof for me.

Those are the new lightwieght rims.

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Toyota Aygo Crazy Concept (2008)