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Forget Walking On Water.
Now You Can Drive On It

Start up hopes new amphibian will loosen regulatory deadlock A sports car that takes to the water. All you have to do, apparently, is press a button and accelerate.

Richard Branson has already taken one for a ride, across the English Channel. Next year, the Aquada is expected to go on sale to the US public at 85,000 or so. We were very intrigued by pictures of this tiny house in the middle of a maze. The problem lies with federal regulators who want the vehicle to meet federal safety and emissions standards both on water and on land.
The Quadski will be capable of a maximum speed of 45 mph on land or water. On the emissions side, regulators from the U. S. Jenkins said that the catalyst needs to run at about 800 degrees Celsius to work. There are other problems related to safety. Ultimately, if Gibbs cannot win approval to sell the car in the U. S., The prototype version of the Aquada is a three-seat mid-engine sports car that looks vaguely like an oversized Mazda Miata. This aqua car would be a real boost to our economy as well as an amazing vehicle. The Aquada acts like a normal convertible until you drive it to the edge of the water.

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Amphibious Vehicle Readying Commercial Launch in US