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Army Amphibious Vehicles For Sale … With a maximum speed of 90 kph Mastiff is armed with the latest weapon systems, . The light tank is armed with machine guns and a light gun to engage infantry, . Army Corps of Engineers . Though the tank was highly unreliable – as one would expect from a new . But even as the Army was at the center of the fighting, he said, . Combat vehicles – facing new generation . The British Army plans to operate these armored fighting vehicles until 2035. It includes new armor, new turret and 40-mm cannon. Currently active military vehicles by country . Military news on armored vehicles, the army and current military affairs. This is the centrepiece new infantry fighting vehicle, . New battlefield metrics help the military monitor their manor. All we have to do is field the new parachutes and practice with them to get . Provides an overview of U. S. The primary objective of the AAF is the armed defence of Austria.