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Amazing Aqua Car: Funny, Strange

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On road, an electric motor provides rear-wheel drive & underwater, its two propellers & two jet drives which are at work. A self-contained on-board oxygen system is also included in this two-seater to supply the driver & passenger with fresh air. It looks quite a stylish car that can be driven at high speeds in the water too. Here is a test drive of Lada Niva, which was made to drive under water. In comparison to the technology & the features available in the cars during those days, this car was far advanced.
And the best part was it could go in water & also on the road like any other car. Boating is a fun and people always fond of spending time in water in floating boats but People do weird stuff even when it comes to boating and maritime industry. We have brought to you a list of top weird boats, which though almost worthless, were more than successful to get our attention. Some things are for plain showing off, and these are definitely a few of them. De beelden gaan snel, gesynchroniseerd met de muziek. Damn Fresh Pics admits that though we try to describe accurately, we cannot verify the exact facts of everything posted.
Another remarkable concept from Rinspeed that turns a sexy sports car into a sexy amphibious vehicle.

All you need to do is flick a button and this plush sports car will convert itself into a high-speed boat. The car can swim and hover above the water. Rinderknecht, the Rinspeed Splash is truly amazing.
It’s a really cool and fun sports toy. On water the Splash reaches an impressive 45 knots.