Look it is an ugly car and an ugly plane

The Ultimate Yuletide Surprise: A Car With Wings

Look it is an ugly car and an ugly plane Ever since the early 20th century humans have dreamt of flying their automobiles. The two-seater was designed to loft the lucky driver over the inevitable traffic snarls or allow the pilot and one passenger to get to their destination via roads when thunderstorms and low ceilings make visual flying untenable.

The company’s name is derived from the Latin for “escape from the Earth”. For the Transition, low-speed taxi and driving tests took place in the local Boston area. Terrafugia has one proof-of-concept vehicle.

The first prototype is under construction. Should have done it years ago.

This bug can actually fly (Terrafugia Transition).

Terrafugia Flying #Car

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Terrafugia, the flying-car was to debut at the New York International Auto Show in 2012; the wings fold upward when it is used as a car