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Dodge Power Wagon.

albeepowerwagon resized Trailer has a custom goose neck with brakes on all wheels. When it comes to sheer coolness, and toughness, is there any vehicle anywhere that comes close to taking the original Dodge Power Wagon to school?
These trucks, bred in the trenches of World War II, are heartland-hearty. Among the newest are his new cargo-bed crossmembers for Power Wagons assembled between 1946 and 1949. Got a mixed bag of responses, but certainly more people committed to driving their collector cars than I expected.
And even a Chevy II, this one a 1963 with a 194-cu. in. Our next cruise-in takes place May 29. According to the caption, a Mr. One of the earliest applications was this three-roller Dodge Power Wagon. The vehicle weighed 9,500 pounds (vs. Brian Veit, a computer graphic artist from Waterford, Mich., It heralded the Muscle Car era. These cars, although large, were able to actually facilitate transportation for people. This would be a great commuter car for school. So proud to be part of this great Project. Sporting only three wheels and one seat, the PCD is definitely a commuter vehicle and not a family car.