It was apparently built at somepoint between 1942 44,

Abandoned And LittleKnown Airfields: Southern Maine

It was apparently built at somepoint between 1942 44, That was his graduation year, and he attended an event at the airfield.
He built the strip for his aircraft mechanic School, Air-Tech. Dana was a well-known aircraft mechanic. There is a small building which may be a hangar on site, and a paved concrete ramp area. A 2014 photo by Steve St. The airstrip appears to be dirt, not in terrible condition. He kept his first airplane in a farm field south of Taylor Pond. It was my favorite spot in the world and I spent many, many happy hours there, just hanging out and flying as often as I could. The FAA stopped him from doing that stunt after he had performed it at 57 airshows by the summer of 1947. It is shaped sort of like an inverted T. The earliest depiction of the St. The 1949 USGS topo map depicted St. A hole developed in the overcast just long enough for the aviator to land the Spirit of St.